Getting rid of old electronics has never been easier! offers an environmentally safe recycling program that is as simple as it is profitable for you. All you must do is schedule an appointment and we'll pick up used cables, metals, or any electronic device and its parts.
As part of our ongoing desire to better serve our current and future clients, we have begun a new offering. We call it the Philosophy of the six (6) R’s.
- Reuse/Return
- Repair
- Resell
- Recycle
- Revenue-sharing
Now most of these services we provide today. But we have added Repair and Return along with Resell.

Our program is simple:
o If you have electronic scrap or any of its associated materials (power cords/cables/wires/cabinets…….) we can offer you 3 solutions:
o If you know it is broken or outdated and you do not want it back; we can RECYCLE and Revenue-share with you. This would apply to electronics (e-scrap) and their associated materials.
o If your components/electronics can be Repaired and you would like them returned to your inventory or for Reuse, we can handle that, too. Your buy-back price after repair would be a lot less that any new or even refurbish prices. And, we offer a warranty.
o If you are not sure of the condition of your materials, we can perform a “quick test”; then Repair, Resell to our other outlets/sources, and Revenue-share with you.

Typical Electronics include: -Get ready it’s a LOT!

Desktops Fax Machines AC Adapters Cords Network Switches
Cell Phones Copiers Remotes Phone Systems
Hard Drives Speakers Office Phone Receivers & Trans
Printers Circuit Boards Server Racks Video/Audio Equip
Security Equipment UPS Mass Storage Servers
Peripherals Servers Security Systems Ferrous Metals
Cables Power Backup LCDs Circuit Boards
Laptops Mainframes Modems Back Planes
Monitors Hard Drives Routers Non-ferrous Metals
Projectors Peripherals Batteries

We have multiple locations in the US.
Please call or email and we can discuss.

A short video about recycling electronic materials

Please use caution before watching video

For decades the U.S. and other first world countries have sent their (our) less desirable waste materials to China and other far east countries. Of course, our landfills liked this approach but it is time for us (US) to rethink handling more of our scrap materials here at home.


Reselling old/unused/outdated equipment is a great way to earn money from equipment you no longer use. We give your underutilized technology new life in someone else's hands. Let us contact local and international buyers for you to put your excess, surplus, obsolete, used, or damaged items to good use.