Getting rid of old electronics has never been easier! offers an environmentally safe recycling program that is as simple as it is profitable for you. All you must do is schedule an appointment and we'll pick up used cables, metals, or any electronic device and its parts.

A short video about recycling electronic materials

Please use caution before watching video

For decades the U.S. and other first world countries have sent their (our) less desirable waste materials to China and other far east countries. Of course, our landfills liked this approach but it is time for us (US) to rethink handling more of our scrap materials here at home.


Reselling old/unused/outdated equipment is a great way to earn money from equipment you no longer use. We give your underutilized technology new life in someone else's hands. Let us contact local and international buyers for you to put your excess, surplus, obsolete, used, or damaged items to good use.