We will buy your excess/surplus/older Fiber Optic Cable.
In order to resell we need the following information:
- Where is the FOC located?
- How much in footage and/or reels? Per month?
- Mfgr of FOC?
- Lengths on reels?
- What type of reels? Wooden/steel/other?
- Condition of reels?
- Date (age) of cable – born date?
- Got pictures?
- Can we get a close up picture of the stenciling (labelling) on cable?
- Name of the company mfgr’g the FOC?
- All contact info?
- What do you do with the FOC scrap/reel ends/pieces today?

Recycling Fiber Optic Cables

This is a "Fresh Beginning" for the Recycling of Fiber Optic Cable


Fiber optic cables can last for centuries in landfills. LD4 Recycle wants to keep fiber optic cable scraps from making a permanent mark on our environment. Components of unused, broken and defective cables can be used to create useful products. Call LD4 Recycling today to find a new use for your cables.

We take many different types of cables and wires which include Copper Cables, Power Cables, AC Adapters, Jumper Wire, Power Cables and Telephone Cable to name a few.

Keep plastic and metal from piling up in our landfills. For proper recycling of fiber optic cables, call LD4 Recycling as soon as possible.

Recycle Process

The recycling process has had many Ups and Downs over the past 8 years.
Initially, I researched fiber cable manufacturers and the large telcos with no SOLUTION. Then I checked with large, nationwide recyclers. Most say they have tried to recycle fiber, but the economics were prohibitive. Cost too much to process and got too little in return. And, this material did not meet their normally expected margins. So, I looked overseas, internationally, and quickly discovered this is a WORLDWIDE problem!

Today, I have a few very small-scale processors who have been successful repurposing most of the fiber optic material. But still too small to handle the anticipated volume.

But, there is hope. For the past 3 years I been working with a group to recycle the fiber optic cable material. Funding and research has been completed. My theory is to offset low margins with high volumes.

We will be open for business soon!!
• Beginning in February I will be surveying the FOC mfgrs, service providers, contractors, recycling processors, and others to gather information about quantiites.
• In March we will begin taking some scrap fiber material.
• And, by May we will be taking whole fiber optic cable- not just scrap. Materials will be accepted on Reels/Boxes/Hand coils/Bales.

Here is a sample of the plastic lumber that is produced from recycled fiber optic cable:

Hand drawing from earlier times of recycling Fiber Optic Cable

See how some plastic are separated to get a “cleaner” material to use

Not much to see but be aware it can be done

Here is a detailed weather report in your area and across the US