Welcome to LD4Recycle. We are excited to introduce this sister company of CommuniCom Recycling. This new site will be more informative, explain new ventures we have established, and some very interesting and maybe even shocking links. LD4Recycle refers to our newest addition of Fiber Optic Cables; but more to be explained about this. You will see 4 Loading Docks or pages, besides the Home page:

- Loading Dock 1 is for our Electronics Scrap recycling business.
- Loading Dock 2 is reference to what we do with Cables, Wires and Metals.
- Loading Dock 3 Fundraisers and Investors.
- Loading Dock 4 references our Fiber Optic Cable Resell and Fiber Optic Recycling.

Environmentally Safe Recycling Program

LD4recycle Inc is a recycling company that specializes in working with companies or individuals in the Nation to recycle:

surplus, excess, broken, outdated, or unused electronic devices and old cables.
It is our mission to ensure that no waste goes to landfills.
LD4recycle was founded by Steve Maginnis. Steve also formed CommuniCom where he began his passion for recycling. Steve is the former president of Alltel/Windstream's operations in the southeast (GA/SC/NC/AL/MS); A Citadel Grad and the former Chief Service Officer for Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and Energy Management startup companies.
LD4recycle is greatly involved with the resell and recycling of Fiber Optic Cables, But more about that at the LD-4. tab or contact us today!


Resell &

Resell & Recycle

Working with the community for equipment recycling

LD4 Recycling works closely with internet, phone and power providers. We've also worked with office managers, IT companies, charities and donation centers to ensure proper recycling of equipment and cabling. When you call LD4 Recycling, let us know:

What kind of supplies you need for us to recycle

Whether the items are broken, old, new or defective

Where the items were manufactured and their date of production

We want to learn as much about your materials as possible to determine whether we can reuse or resell them. Call LD4Recycling as soon as possible to speak with our team about your materials.

Your equipment can have life somewhere else

LD4 Recycling can create usable products out of old or broken fiber cable. We can also find a new home for new or slightly used cabling. If you have any leftover electronics in your garage or storage closet, we can recycle those, too. Let's work together to keep electronics and cables out of our landfills. Call LD4 Recycling today for assistance.

Where some of our plastic has been dumped
Great Pacific Garbage Patch

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LD4 Recycle has all required certifications