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Don't Toss That Fiber Optic Cable (FOC) into the LANDFILL


Would our recycling program (No Bury/No Burn) program be of interest to you?

LD4 Recycling has partnered with a prominent plastic recycler to offer a program to recycle FOC cables from various FOC production and manufacturing facilities, as well as, FOC users within the United States/Canada. 

This new platform is based upon:

  • picking up full truckload or LTL quantities of FOC material; transporting the material to our facility in Midwest US; 
  • processing the material into a format which can be used in new product applications.  
  • We can issue Certificates of Destruction (CODs) or Certificates of Recycling (CORs) for all material brought into the facility on a monthly basis.  


Do you realize how much Fiber Optic Cable (FOC) is Landfilled each day in the US? Well, for example, 2 US FOC manufacturers average sending 1 truckload per workday (from EACH mfgr) to their local Landfill. 

This equates to (220 days X 36,000lbs per truck x 2 mfgrs = 15,840,000lbs/year (15.8mil lbs). And no one knows how long it will take for this material to decompose.

Can you imagine how much FOC gets landfilled by the other 10 US FOC Mfgrs

  • Telcos/
  • CATVs/
  • 100’s of Data Centers (fiber optic patch cables- FOPCs)
  • Government Agencies
  • Construction Contractors
  • Hybrid/Fiber Cable
  • Hybrid/Coax Cable
  • Storm damage/cable upgrades
  • And Others

However, today there is a solution that can eliminate this 40+ year practice. 


We recycle all types of Fiber Optic Cable

No landfill/No incineration. 

Recycling the FOC glass, too

We are the only recycler of FOC in the US/Canada (even in the World). 

How can we help you meet/exceed your Sustainability Goals?

Let’s talk.

UPDATE: one Landfill report states, “we have dug gas collection wells out at the old (name deleted) Landfill and the cables that were dug out look like they were put in there yesterday and they were landfilled back in the 80’s.”

This material will never go away. This Landfill space can never be recovered

We have made a tremendous of progress on the Recycling of FOC/FOPC and associated production scrap (material).

Committing to recycling FOC cable through the LD4 process results in several benefits:


  • Cables are recyclable; plastics; fiber optics; and associated materials; are recycled and recovered,
  • Manufacturers and large End Users can make progress on their Sustainability Goals, 
  • This will also assist companies in meeting ISO 14001 standards of their environmental management systems and, 
  • Recycling FOC can also contribute to reducing total industrial carbon emissions


As you know there are costs to Landfill or Incinerate.

Our program has it costs, too. The economics of recycling FOC prohibits a positive return for the end materials.

In our Illinois facility we make products for Lawn and Garden and Construction Industries/Plastic Pallets / Shipping Slips and resale polymer regrind.

Here are some documents you should review.

Three (3) documents:

- Sustainability Statement

- Material Guidelines

- Proprietary Process

- Sample Letter of Recycling (COR)

If you would like to discuss, please call or email.

How can we help you?

Steve Maginnis

(803) 371-5436


Our facility is in Bloomington IL.

Please review and let’s talk again.

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If you wish to have more information please email Steve for more documents.