LD2 Cable/Wiring

Dispose Your Old Cables in the Right Manner

           Cables/Wire and Metal

We collect and recycle all types of cable and wire.  It is best to separate the materials before loading.

Top Prices for:




-Metal Cabinets (OSP/CO/or Headend)

-Send cables and wires in with your e-scrap

Please call us if you need to decommission Cabinets/Bays/Rows.  This includes circuit cards and all Cables.

Wireline and Wireless offices.

Guidelines for Accepting Fiber Optic Cable


  • Where is the FOC located?
  • Number of reels?
  • Reel sizes?
  • Mfgr of FOC?
  • Lengths on FOC?
  • What type of reels? Wooden/steel/other?
  • Condition of reels?
  • Date (age)of cable - born date 
  • Got pictures?
  • Can you send a close-up picture of the stenciling (labeling) on Cable?
  • Manufacturer of the FOC?
  • Your Contact info?
  • What do you do with the FOC scrap/reel ends/pieces today?